Who Are We?

There are lots of blogs out there. Why use this one? Who do we appeal to?

Lone Tree, Harbor Island, Bahamas

Trendy Girl Travels is what it says. We definitely follow trends that are already out there but what will set us apart is presenting honest information that is neither slated by advertising nor influenced by the establishments covered. What you read here will be red-hot, useable, and provide current information based on our actual experiences.

View from Room, Little Scarlet Hotel, Cornwall, UK

We will cover any area and any experience, but this blog won’t exactly be “roughing it.” Even if we were to cover a camping trip, it would have to be a certain camp site with known amenities nearby. The wilderness is great so long as you can get out whenever you’ve decided you’ve had enough (and in some cases the quicker you can exit the better)!

L’Hostellerie de l’Abbaye de la Celle, Haut-Var, France

But generally, this blog won’t talk about camping trips. Instead, our mission will be to answer the question that I have been asked more times than I can remember: “if we were to visit one of your suggested hot spots and we could only do one or two of your favorite things—what should we do?” Where to go, spend, save, (and sometimes, what to ignore) is what I know best.

Elbow Beach, Mount Pleasant, Bermuda

My methods are not elaborate. I follow my gut. But that isn’t to say that I don’t know what I’m talking about. As a former Magazine Editor, I’ve learned to squeeze information from every source then triple cross-reference the info until being absolutely sure it’s worth doing. The final step is actually visiting and exhausting every option once you are there. This combination almost always ends up delivering a great experience—the good news is that I hope to have done all the legwork for you!

Lunch, Eden Roc Hotel, Cap De Antibes, France

Gathering information, breaking it down, and choosing what’s best is my forté.

Pool, Four Seasons, Hong Kong Island

Whether you are embarking on a big vacation or simple day out, you might as well make each experience count.

Gravetye Manor, West Hoathly, West Sussex

My family, friends and followers keep on telling me that I have to write this stuff down. I do. But recently I realized that it makes far more sense to write it here than in a notebook. The fact is, as a result of my endless quest for the “perfect spots,” I have lots to share.

Katikies Pool, Santorini, Greece

In the last 10 years I have covered so much territory, both close to home and far away. Luckily I have some help. ‘Travel Guru’ writes tips for the blog and delivers valuable information on how to acquire miles/points that can (1) save you money on the trips you have been meaning to take and (2) make possible those that have seemed out of reach.

Niki Beach, Eden Roc Hotel, St Barths

I look forward to sharing my travels and my insights in this blog. There are still many past insights to catch up on, and there are still many places to go, gather info from and to pass on through Trendy Girl Travels. Keep checking back to the site as it will take awhile to fully load up the blogs!

For daily updates, snapshots and insights as I find them, follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@trendygirltravz).